Soyuz 01 Superlative Raw

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  • Dial with 3D profile made of pure rocket aluminum
  • Swiss high-end mechanical movement of the Soprod Manufacture
  • Material Soyuz MS-09 rocket
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  • diameter: 41mm
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Soyuz 01 Superlative Raw

Special edition: Dial with 3D profile made of pure rocket aluminium. High-end Swiss mechanical movement from Soprod. Raw material: Soyuz MS-09. 41 mm.

Movement – Soprod Newton

A real treat for watch enthusiasts, the Newton movement is a new development by Soprod. It is installed in the high-end (premium-quality) version and will impress wearers with its high precision and ‘bridge’ over the balance wheel. Bridges of this kind are exclusively found in movements used by top Swiss luxury brands. The bridge increases the movement’s shock resistance.

The dial features the lettering “Superlative Automatic” as a mark of quality.


manual winding


Soprod «Newton»
Swiss Made


-/+6 Sec
per day

Power Reserve




Dial made out of pure rocket aluminium


The pure rocket aluminium dial doesn’t only have a one-of-a-kind 3D appearance – it also has an incredible story. It left Earth as a rocket and made contact with the fringes of space at an altitude of 45 km (28 miles).


Dial: 100% pure rocket aluminium from the boosters of the first rocket stage

Production method: Aluminium injection moulding technology, hand polishing

Altitude reached: over 45km (28 miles)

Border to space

There is no fixed border to the universe. The transition of the earth’s atmosphere is fluent. The Fédération Aéronautique International (FAI) followed the definition of Karaman and set the border at 100 kilometers altitude. For the US Air Force (USAF), space begins at 80 kilometers. In this sense, the parts of the Soyuz Fairing have crossed the border into space. These are the models with white or white-red dials and the inscription “Rocket Fairing”.

Raketenflugbahn Deutsch-min

The rocket that carried Alexander Gerst

The raw material comes from a rocket that carried astronaut Alexander Gerst to space. The rocket was launched on 6 June 2018 and the material recovered two days later by Patrick.

Rakete: Sojus MS-09

Launch date: 6. Juni, 2018, 13:01 UTC, Kosmodrom Baikonur

On board: Sergei Walerjewitsch Prokopjew (RUS), Alexander Gerst (GER), Serena Auñón-Chancellor (USA)

Other technical details


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